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Do you spend the summer months hiding in pants when you would rather show off your legs in shorts and skirts? Is the embarrassment of unsightly veins is forcing you to cover up during the warmer months? If so, sclerotherapy may be the solution you need to achieve the shorts and skirt-worthy legs you desire. Clinical research has shown that people who exhibit spider veins often have a family history of the condition. This venous condition can also be linked to many risk factors, such as hormonal imbalances, fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, some medications, and sitting or standing for too long. At Neem Medical Spa in Boston, Lynnfield, and Winchester, MA, we offer sclerotherapy to treat spider veins.

Our board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Rosy Sandhu, supervises her skilled team as they perform sclerotherapy to decrease or remove visible spider veins on the body or face. Spider veins are blue, red, or purple and can be visible underneath the skin. They can also keep branching out on the legs and face. Sclerotherapy can also diminish the appearance of bluish, bulging varicose veins, which tend to be larger and more painful than spider veins. Our nonsurgical sclerotherapy may give you the beautiful skin you want to stop covering up. Make an appointment at a Neem Medical Spa in the greater Boston, MA area to get more information about minimally invasive sclerotherapy plus other skin treatments.

Sclerotherapy is the most commonly used procedure for the reduction and elimination of spider veins. It involves the injection of saline and other chemicals via a tiny needle directly into the affected vein. While these injections may cause some discomfort, once the injection is finished, patients are left with no symptoms of pain and no downtime. Most sclerotherapy treatments can be concluded in as little as 15 – 30 minutes.

The therapy works by stimulating the walls of blood vessels, causing them to close in and clot. This clotting creates scar tissue, which eventually fades as any new scarring does. Once scarring subsides, varicose veins are no longer apparent.

Recovering from Sclerotherapy

Unlike other options for spider vein treatments, sclerotherapy requires no recovery time. In fact, patients can begin walking or even perform some light activity immediately after treatment. However, intense exercise, hot baths, direct sunlight, and hot compresses can cause some agitation, so they should be avoided for at least 24 hours. The results from sclerotherapy are permanent – your visible veins will disappear for good!

Ideal Candidates

Sclerotherapy treatments are helpful for women and men who don't like the small or medium-sized blood vessels that can be seen underneath the skin of their body and face. To be a sclerotherapy candidate, you need to be in good health the day of their appointment, which can minimize the chance of a reaction. You should also not have a history of blood clots or be pregnant. It may be time to see a vein professional if you have some noticeable, branch-like veins across areas of your face, thighs, or legs that you have to conceal. You may also want to remove facial spider veins that add years to your true age.

Treatment Technique

Sclerotherapy is a common treatment in-office treatment by Dr. Sandhu and her team for both spider veins and small varicose veins. This gold standard procedure is nonsurgical and takes no more than 45 – 60 minutes to complete. This is the ideal treatment for spider veins and small-to-medium varicose veins that are no larger than three millimeters in diameter. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure involves injections of a sclerosis solution into the target vein using a fine needle. The salt-based solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, which then blocks the flow of blood and reroutes blood to healthier veins. This eventually causes the vein to collapse and fade from the skin’s surface as it is reabsorbed by surrounding tissue. Sclerotherapy can be repeated to treat multiple veins.

What to Expect

Following your sclerotherapy treatment, you may leave when you feel comfortable to get back to your daily routine. You may see mild bruising, redness, or swelling in the injection areas, but this will typically heal in a short time. Compression garments will be suggested by Dr. Sandhu to encourage blood circulation following your sclerotherapy treatment for better, faster results. It can take a while for the sclerotherapy to show results, but the treated blood vessels should get smaller, change to a white color, and then disappear or fade. You may want at least two sclerotherapy sessions to get your best results, but many people are happy with their results after their first session.

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The unwanted spider veins that develop on your body and face can be an unwelcome skin development. Dr. Sandhu can build a personal sclerotherapy treatment plan to help you look healthy again without spider veins. Dr. Sandhu and our Boston, Lynnfield, and Winchester, MA staff members are highly skilled and experienced in performing sclerotherapy. Here at Neem Medical Spa, we do our best to go above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. Ready to see if sclerotherapy is right for you? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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