All About Non-Surgical Body Contouring

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If you recently lost weight and are still trying to target those stubborn spots, body contouring just might be for you! The benefits include tightening of the skin, fat, and muscles. These are often issues associated with someone who has recently lost excess weight, has gone through bariatric surgery or simply wants to get rid of those fatty deposits on the abdomen, upper arm, lower back, waist or thighs.

Neem Medical Spa has solutions to help with targeted locations on your body. No matter what your specific need is, our body contouring procedures allow you to achieve a slimmer, fitter appearance.

At Neem Medical Spa, we offer various advanced procedures for your body sculpting needs:


Get a workout in while letting us do the work for you! The EMSCULPT system works by stimulating muscle activity through electromagnetic energy. This advanced technology causes the muscles to contract on a cellular level, which results in the building of new muscle.


Similar to the EMSCULPT, This procedure combines electromagnetic energy with radiofrequency technology to increase your fat reduction results.


Target problem areas and achieve great results! TRUSCULPT ID works by warming up your body and instantly melting up to 34% of fat in one session alone. This system is meant to be used in conjunction with regular exercise.


Obtain a complete body transformation! The BTL VANQUISH ME system uses targeted heat in larger areas of the body. This process does take a bit longer than EMSCULPT or TRUSCULPT ID, but it can deliver dramatic results within two weeks.


Smooth your silhouette while taking a nap! CoolSculpting uses regulated cooling to freeze fat cells. This procedure is ideal for clients who want to reduce bulges in small areas.

As always, we recommend a lifestyle of healthy diet and exercise to achieve your best results! To find out more about which sculpting treatment is best for you, book a consultation at one of our locations.

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