Do Body Sculpting Treatments Really Get Rid of Fat?

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A toned and fit body is what anyone would wish for regardless of gender and age, and it’s hard to deny that. However, no matter how hard you work out and how disciplined you are with your diet, it’s tough to get rid of stubborn flabs in some parts of your body like the tummy, chin, thighs, and many more, which leaves most in anxiety and dismay. Luckily, there’s a treatment that could definitely help anyone striving to get rid of those unwanted stubborn fats. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about scalpels and incisions cutting through your skin. That’s Body Sculpting for you.

Have you ever experienced working out and going through a steady diet yet still can’t achieve that flabs and blubber? Been there and done that, but it seems impossible? You don’t have to worry anymore; with Body Sculpting, you’ll achieve that dream in no time.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body Sculpting is a non-invasive to minimally invasive, non-surgical body shaping treatment. The process involves different methods of contouring. You have different options to choose from, which differ in their ways — from cooling, heating, and even injecting substances. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1. Muscle Stimulation

Imagine working out while relaxing. This is how muscle stimulation can be described. The method utilizes electromagnetic energy that strains contracts muscles, creating microtears in the muscles and stimulating fat consumption and melting. The muscles going through stimulation acts the same when you perform exercises. The microtears and enhanced fat consumption in the muscles effectively break down fat cells in the target area. It’s just like having a body massage while exercising; what could be more exciting? A well-known EMS (Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation) in the market is CoolTone.


Muscle stimulation ranges between $500 to $600 per session on average. The cost usually depends on the target area and the candidate’s fat percentage.


The recovery time usually depends on your body’s experience and tolerance to physical activities. Since it’s just like you underwent an extreme workout, expect the downtime to be the same or less. But in most cases, there is no relative downtime, and you can even return to your daily activities right away.

2. Ultrasound Fat Reduction

This procedure utilizes pulses of highly concentrated sonic waves to get rid of the excess fat. The vibration emitted by the handheld device helps in the metabolism of excess fat by rubbing it in the target area/s.


Ultrasound Fat Reduction costs $1,300 per session on average. You might need more than one session depending on your desired result, target area, and percentage of fat present in the area.


You can imagine the vibrations as having a hard massage on your muscles. Imagine how relaxing that could be. As relaxing as it may sound, the downtime is relative to it. Patients who’ve undergone the treatment experience zero to minimal recovery time, and by minimal, that means 24 hours and sometimes even shorter.

3. Deoxycholic Acid Injections

Think you can withstand a minimally invasive method of reducing fat? Well, this one would be the treatment for you. You don’t have to worry about the pain of the needle passing through your skin since dermatologists or aestheticians usually offer numbing cream before the procedure, significantly decreasing the pain. In this treatment, deoxycholic acid — an acid or bile produced naturally by the body — is injected to help in the metabolism and melting of fat cells in the target area. Sadly, the only FDA-approved area for this treatment is under the chin. Kybella is the most known FDA-approved product that contains deoxycholic acid.


On average, Deoxycholic Acid Injections Treatment ranges between $1,200 and $1,800. The cost depends on the clinic’s price and the desired result.


This treatment usually requires zero downtime. The patient can go back to their regular daily routine right after the treatment. You can even schedule your treatment on a lunch break, pamper and relax, and return to your work right after.

4. Laser Fat Treatment

By using wavelengths of tolerable heat, fat cells are destroyed immediately by an FDA-approved hand-held laser device. The lasers are focused on the fat underneath the skin, emitting heat for up between 107.6 and 116 degrees Fahrenheit, thus eliminating fat cells in the target area. Although the result might seem immediate for the description of the procedure, visible results usually appear at its full effect up to 12 weeks since your lymphatic system excretes the destroyed fat cells during the time. But your patience will be satisfied with a guaranteed result.


$1,400 to $1,500 is the price of Laser Fat Treatments in the market. Generally, you just need a single treatment to achieve your desired result.


Usually, patients who’ve gone through Laser Fat Treatment recover within 24 hours. But if you consider the duration of the excretion of dead fat cells and you expect immediate results, Laser Fat Treatment might not be a good option for you. (Well, that’s if you don’t have patience for getting rid of flabs.)

5. Cryolipolysis

Who knew freezing fat could be a way to get rid of it? Maybe it’s the reason why polar bears can climb up mountains fast enough to hunt down their prey. Kidding aside, Cryolipoliysis, like CoolSculpting, utilizes tolerably low temperatures to destroy fat cells. By using a cooling pad, suctions are applied to the target area, the temperature then gradually lowers down until it reaches the temperature necessary to freeze fat. The same concept as laser treatment is applied with cryolipolysis, wherein the destroyed fat cells are eliminated and flushed down by the lymphatic system. Hence, the results are not immediately visible after the procedure. Additionally, a massage would be necessary to help flush the fat cells out of the system. It could take up to 12 weeks at most, but one thing’s for sure, results are guaranteed!


CoolSculpting’s price ranges between $2,000 to $4,500. The price is relevant to the size of the target area, the clinic’s price, and the fat percentage present in it.


The downtime and recovery time of cryolipolysis is just 24-48 hours. However, according to most testimonies of patients, they get back to their routine even immediately.

But do Body Sculpting Treatments really get rid of fat?

The answer is short and straightforward. IT DOES. Once fat cells in our body are destroyed by whatever procedure, method, or activity it may be, they do not return. They are eliminated and excreted by sweat through your skin, urinating by passing through the kidneys, or through your lungs as carbon dioxide when you breathe out. All these treatments are guaranteed to burn down, freeze up, break down, and destroy fat cells.

Although Body Sculpting treatments effectively contour and tone your body, they cannot prevent your body from producing new fat cells. You cannot use Body Sculpting as a poultice for being fat and what’s worse is that having an unhealthy diet and irregular exercise can lead to more weight gain since the metabolism is enhanced, but the intake is increased. It is highly advisable to incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise to achieve and maintain your desired body. In addition to this, candidates for Body Sculpting are those who are close to their ideal weight. Remember, Body Sculpting is fat loss, not weight loss.

Are you wondering if you’re a good candidate for Body Sculpting? No worries, we can offer you a consultation that you’ve never experienced before. We will thoroughly listen to you and will honestly show what options are best for you. Schedule a consultation now at Neem Medical Spa.

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