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We get it! Losing your hair can hold significant concern. Many of us hold our hair as part of our image and self-esteem. Several hair loss conditions can be reversed by simply addressing the causal variables or utilizing nonsurgical techniques to stop hair loss, enhance the standard of the hair follicles, and regrow them. At Neem Medical Spa, our hair restoration specialists will provide in-depth information with your initial consultation.


Men and women begin to experience hair loss from either genetics or hormonal imbalances. Other factors such as medications, medical conditions, or illnesses can also contribute to hair thinning. The average  person loses approximately 100 hairs per day and the hairs are replaced with new growth. Thinning hair and balding occurs when not enough new hairs are created to replace lost hair.


By scheduling an initial consultation with our hair specialists, we are  able to suggest which treatment will get you optimal results. 

Modern-day technologies have made it feasible for both men and women to slow down hair loss. At Neem Medical Spa, we offer a broad variety of innovative nonsurgical remedies: 


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an advanced no nsurgical technique that may provide patients with remarkable results in slowing and regrowing their hair. PRP can be applied during microneedling and/or injected into the scalp to stimulate hair development. Exclusively available at Neem Medical Spa is our PDO Grow with PRP. This procedure includes injecting about 50 smooth PDO threads to the scalp along with PRP. 


Treatment results vary from patient to patient due to the wide array of conditions that cause hair loss. Aesthetic results are usually noticed approximately 4-6 months after an initial session. Follow-up sessions are recommended for optimal results. During a one-on-one extensive hair analysis, Dr. Sandhu will be able to offer a detailed diagnosis. Each treatment at Neem Medical Spa is customized to the individual patient’s needs to achieve the most natural-looking results. 

Regain the fuller, more youthful hair volume and the growth you desire, and book your consultation with one of our team members today! Get started with healthy hair by requesting an appointment online

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