How to Put Together a Good Skin Care Routine

Our face is what defines us; it’s the first thing anyone sees, and it’s important to invest in the care of our face so that we can confidently show off our persona. Unfortunately, not everyone is confident about the skin on their face. Establishing a skin care routine can help reduce age lines and blemishes, smoothen skin, and maintain the clear, beautiful skin.

Establishing a Routine with Skin Care Products

Everyone is different and no two skin types are the same. It is true that skin care needs differ from individual to individual. While there is a generally suggested routine, it’s up to each person to figure out the application, skin care products, and targeted treatments that fit into their own daily schedule and meet the needs of their face. At Neem Medical Spa, Dr. Sandhu and our team of professionals can help you determine a daily routine with specific skin care products to target trouble areas, reduce signs of aging, and develop healthy, beautiful skin.

Skin Care Products to Utilize in Your Routine

  • Cleanser: To remove dirt, oil, and makeup, a water-soluble cleanser should be utilized in the morning – before makeup application – and at night, before bed.
  • Toner: Applied after the cleanser toner helps to remove any missed makeup or debris and also leaves the skin feeling smooth as it works to soften any redness or drying.
  • Exfoliant: While this step should only be used as much as once a week, exfoliants help to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and even the skin’s surface.
  • Acne Treatment: If needed, acne treatments can assist in not only healing acne pimples but preventing them from appearing again.
  • Skin Lightening: Sun exposure can leave noticeably dark spots on the skin of the face. Skin lightening creams use a blend of vitamins and hydroquinone to reduce the appearance of dark spots.
  • Serums: A solution which can be applied after cleansing and moisturizing both morning and night, serums are packed with antioxidants known for keeping skin looking bright and youthful. Plus, they offer protection from environmental elements like pollution.
  • Anti-Age Moisturizer with SPF: Moisturizer is essential for skin hydration. There are many products to choose that provide both sun protection and anti-aging formulas.
  • Evening Moisturizer: While sun protection is vital during the day, hydrating skin before bedtime can help to minimize the appearance of exhaustion, smoothen fine lines, and keep skin looking younger.

Our practices offers a variety of professional skin care brands, including ZO® Skin Health, SkinBetter Science®, ALASTIN Skincare® and RevitaLash® Cosmetics. Read more about the professional skin care products at Neem Medical Spa and contact us to schedule a consultation and determine your healthy skin care regimen.

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