It can be difficult to stay on track during your weight loss journey. In order to stay focused and motivated, it’s essential to set goals for yourself along the way. When you set goals, it gives you something to actively work towards and helps you track your progress and keep you motivated. If you don’t set realistic goals – or worse, don’t set any at all – you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Before you embark on your weight loss journey, start with a goal that follows these simple rules.

Set Process Goals

Process goals aren’t just “lose weight”, but goals set that help you to lose weight. For example, a good process goal is to get 30 minutes of exercise a day. This goal is simple and easy to fulfill, and will directly contribute to a weight loss goal and help you form good habits.

Be Specific

Your goals need to be specific so that you can hold yourself to a firm course of action. Rather than “lose weight”, make your goal “lose weight by following a healthier diet and exercising once a day”. This way, you are always staying focused on your goal and how you’re going to achieve it.

Be Realistic

Being realistic is very important for staying positive and not getting discouraged. If you set an unrealistic goal right out of the gate, you’ll surely lose motivation and not be able to complete it. Instead of “lose 15 pounds this month” try something like “lose 2 pounds this week”. Keeping your goals manageable and realistic is key for weight loss success.

Keep Record

If you can keep a record of your progress, you are much more likely in following through to the completion of your big goal. Seeing yourself improve over time can be the best motivation available, and can reassure you that progress is being made.

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