Injectables - Which work best for you?

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When it comes to injectables, there are so many options it can easily become intimidating. No two products are the same. So, which injectable is right for you? Our team of professionals is here to break it down for you.

At Neem Medical Spa in Boston, we offer various injectable treatments. Here are a few standout options: 


Wrinkle Relaxers 

  • Botox®
  • Dysport®
  • Jeuveau®
  • Xeomin®

Release tension and receive smoother skin! Botox® is one of the most sought after treatments for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Common areas for injection include between the eyebrows, forehead lines, and Crow’s feet. 



  • Juvéderm®
  • Voluma®
  • Restylane® and Restylane® Kysse
  • Sculptra®
  • Venus Versa™

Achieve a more youthful look! Products such as Voluma® give you a lift and increase the overall volume of areas around the midface. This is a great option for increasing the appearance of the apples of your cheeks. 


Fat Blasters

  • Kybella®

Get rid of that pesky double chin! Products like Kybella® are used to target areas where excess fatty tissue is difficult to lose. Areas that can be targeted include jawline, chin, and neck. 


What to Expect

There are many misconceptions about what the results of injectable treatments “should look like.” The lasting effects of these treatments are also up for debate. The truth is there are many factors to take into consideration:

  • Water Intake
  • Healthy Diet
  • Genetics
  • Injectable Product

Rid yourself of any doubts! Our team of board-certified professionals is here to answer any questions you may have. Schedule a consultation at any of our locations and start your journey to a more youthful appearance today. 


* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.