New Season, New Skin Routine: Your Essentials for Fabulous Fall Skin

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A chill in the evening air and the return of all things Pumpkin Spice can only mean one thing – fall is in full swing!

As the seasons transform, so should your skincare! The fall and winter seasons been drier skin and even more time indoors (especially as we continue to keep health amid a pandemic!)

Indoor heating and a drop in humidity can be harsh on your skin – so here are a few Neem-approved favorite ways to keep your skin routine in check heading into fall!

Discover a richer moisturizer

Heading into fall, you may wish to try a heavier moisturizer that’s concentrated with fatty acids that our skin typically loses in the cooler months – these are referred to as ceramides.

Don’t forget to hydrate from head to toe!

With less moisture in the fall air, keeping your skin from head to toe well-hydrated (it’s your body’s largest organ) is essential. The right moisturizer (such as those in our own collection, RSkinBar) can ensure your skin has a barrier of protection to draw hydration to outer layers while retaining existing moisture.

Be mindful about exfoliation

While ingredients such as glycolic acid, retinoids and exfoliants are indeed beneficial to the skin – during the fall and winter you may wish to avoid over-use of these ingredients. Some of our patients love using exfoliation pads or masks once a week as a moderate alternative to these more aggressive methods and ingredients to gently reverse summer sun damage and discoloration.

Consider A Humidifier

Home heating can be incredibly dry – but by using a humidifier (some even allow you to add in your favorite essential oils for a spa-like experience!) can restore moisture to the air. When you turn on the heating in your home, turn on a humidifier at the same time!

Need Help Creating Your Perfect Fall Skin Routine?

You’re in luck – our team at Neem Medical Spa (and at our sparkling new downtown Boston sister location, Neem Aesthetics are experts in selecting the perfect products to provide you with radiant skin year-round, all at the best value for your skincare investment. Contact us today to learn more!

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