The Other Side of Summer – Why Sun Damage Accelerates Aging Skin

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There’s the best parts of summer- time by the water, fun in the sun with friends and family, refreshing treats and a leisurely pace!

While most of us are aware of the damaging effects of the sun, it’s all too easy to forget to utilize proper sun protection (and reapply!) which may leave you seeing the other side of summer – freckled patches, dark spots, and visible aging on your face, neck, shoulders, and other areas of the body.

The “Not So Sunny” Truth About Sun Exposure

As we age, there are factors that influence our facial appearance that are in our control, and other’s that aren’t. Factors such as genetics are referred to as intrinsic aging. Then, there are also what we refer to as environmental factors – such as diet, smoking, sun exposure, etc.

One of the main environmental factors that ages our skin is ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of skin aging is due to the effects of the sun! The sun causes proteins in our skin to deteriorate, leading to the loss of our youthful appearance over time. 

Say Goodbye To Sun Damage

Thankfully, at Neem Medical Spa there’s a secret weapon to make sun damage a distant memory – IPL (an a cronym for Intense Pulsed Light). A comfortable and non-invasive treatment, IPL uses light to rejuvenate the skin and reverse the visible signs of sun damage; with virtually no downtime. At the same time, it can work to reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture! 

By using a spectrum of light to target the blemishes caused by UV rays, IPL transforms light energy into head which creates tiny lesions in the skin that your body heals by creating collagen and elastin. For sun spots, IPL breaks up the cells that contain melanin and as your skin heals, this old skin gently flakes away and is removed naturally by your body.

Reveal Your Best Skin – One Treatment At a Time

No two patients are alike, and based on your existing sun damage and skin condition, we will determine the best number of sessions for you. Typically, these sessions are spaced four (4) weeks apart to ensure a seamless experience.

While many patients are an excellent fit for IPL treatment, it is best suited for those with untanned skin where blotches, discoloration and sun damage are visible. 

Best of All – No Downtime! 

You can get back to your day immediately after your IPL treatment, with appropriate sun protection. For 5-7 days after your treatment, you’ll wish to avoid sun exposure and direct sunlight. While some patients notice an immediate glow, you can expect your best results in 2-4 weeks following treatment. 

Press “Reset” On Sun Damage At Neem Medical Spa

You deserve your best skin – and if you’ve been making the most of summer, you owe it to yourself to discover everything IPL can do for you. With 3 convenient locations in the Boston area – glowing skin that’s free from sun damage is within reach, and it’s closer than you think. 

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