The Truth About TruSculpt: 10 Reasons to Consider this Non-invasive Fat-Buster

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TruSculpt® iD is a non-invasive, body-sculpting treatment that allows you to reach your most favorable body goal in only 15 minutes. It is a safe technique that is clinically proven to totally remove fat cells in stubborn parts around the stomach area, flanks, arms, and thighs. With TruSculpt iD, you can easily achieve the body that you desire.

Here are 10 reasons to consider TruSculpt® iD.

1. TruSculpt® iD Is A Safe Treatment

TruSculpt iD is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to deliver accurately controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy to the surface of the area that needs to be treated through a specially designed handpiece. The RF energy aims to bypass your skin layer and heat your subcutaneous fat cells until it reaches a certain temperature which causes them to die. Your body eventually gets rid of them as waste.

The developers of TruSculpt® iD focused primarily on the patient’s safety and comfort as they designed this body-sculpting system. The surface temperature remains cool even as the handpiece moves across your skin. This helps in decreasing any discomfort and remove the risk of having burns or damaged tissues other than the unwanted fat cells.

Some patients feel only mild tingling, while some feel no pain at all during the treatment. Many patients also describe the warmth coming from TruSculpt iD, similar to the warmth during a heated stone massage.

2. TruSculpt® iD Has Been Proven To Work

The TruSculpt® iD system is clinically proven to remove up to 24% fat in the targeted area, so you’ll definitely lose some inches. The RF energy also encourages the natural production of collagen, which is used to smooth and tighten the skin. Contrarily, the traditional liposuction may leave behind saggy skin that may need tightening through surgery.

Also, instead of shrinking the fat cells, TruSculpt® iD gets rid of them totally. It’s not impossible to regain weight through a poor dietary choice or lack of exercise, but the fat cells removed by this treatment will never return.

3. TruSculpt® iD Can Be Used To Treat Different Areas Of The Body

TruSculpt® iD can be used to minimize stubborn fat in different areas of your body, such as the abdomen, lower back (flanks), outer thighs, and upper arms.

4. TruSculpt® iD Has Fast Treatment Sessions

TruSculpt® iD may only take 15 minutes to treat smaller areas (like your flanks or upper arms). However, it may take up to 1 hour to treat larger areas (like combined treatment for your flanks and abdomen).

5. TruSculpt® iD Has No Need For Recovery Time

After having TruSculpt® iD, you can immediately return to your work or other daily routines. There’s no need to worry about any wounds or incisions after the procedure. Also, unlike liposuction, there’s no need for you to wear pressure bandages or other supportive items while healing.

Side effects from TruSculpt® iD are also minimal, and these include soreness, redness, and swelling in the treated area. There’s no need to worry about all these, as they will go away on their own over the next few days.

6. TruSculpt® iD Has Little To No Discomfort

TruSculpt® iD is a non-invasive treatment and doesn’t require any surgery, anesthesia, needles, or scalpels. Most patients describe the warmth that they feel to be similar to that of a hot stone massage or heating pad.

7. Results From TruSculpt® iD Are Permanent

The fat cells that are removed from the body after having TruSculpt® iD will not come back, which means that the results are permanent. However, you will have to maintain a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise to prevent any excess fat from returning.

8. Most People Are Great Candidates

TruSculpt® iD is a non-invasive fat-buster treatment for anyone who is looking to achieve their ideal body goal. However, there are some cases where this treatment isn’t safe to use, and these include:

  • If you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant
  • If you have a wound in the area that you want to be treated
  • If you wear a cardiac pacemaker
  • If you have a medical implant in the area that you want to be treated

If you want to confirm whether you’re a good candidate for TruSculpt® iD or not, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor about it.

9. No One Will Notice That You Had it Done

The results from TruSculpt® iD body-sculpting treatment are very natural-looking. Unless you tell people that you underwent the procedure, no one will ever notice that you had it done. It leaves behind no traces or scars, and there’s no downtime. Side effects are very minimal and will go away on their own after a few days. Also, this treatment can be accomplished within 15 minutes, so there’s no need for you to take any time off from work. You can go back to your normal daily activity right away after having the procedure.

10. TruSculpt® iD Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Anyone wants to look better, and it’s one of the main reasons why people get an aesthetic treatment. Cosmetic procedures, such as TruSculpt® iD, can certainly boost your confidence, particularly when you’re at the beach, exercising at the gym, or if you want to display your body (as part of your career or you simply want it).


TruSculpt® iD is a popular cosmetic procedure due to its fast and visible results. You will immediately notice enhanced skin tone with a firming feel, smoother skin texture, and the dullness will be reduced to nothing. However, fat cells may take a little more time to get rid of totally. The optimal results will be seen in a period of 12 weeks. With TruSculpt® iD, you can easily be a candidate regardless of your body mass index (BMI).

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