Neem Medical Spa Testimonial

Do you want to look and feel your absolute best? We invite you to visit Neem Medical Spa.

Testimonial – Stacy Dow

We invite you to visit Neem Medical Spa. Dr. Rosy Sandhu and her team of licensed, expert professionals provide the best medical spa services in the greater Boston area in three convenient locations, Lynnfield, Winchester, and Boston.

"When I come to Neem, I'm greeted and welcomed. I'm treated like it's a luxury spa experience and the people here really do a good job and just making me feel welcome and at home. I'll come in occasionally for facials, or I'll come in more periodically for special treatments and things like that throughout the year frequently. I highly recommend Neem to anyone, to any of my friends or colleagues. I would say, definitely come here and get a consultation. They listen to what your needs are, to what you like, what you're interested in doing, what your problem areas are, and they'll give you good advice and not try to oversell you." – patient testimonial by Stacy Dow

Neem Medical Spa Look and Feel Your Absolute Best!