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About InMode Evolve TITE/Tone

The InMode Evolve is a hands-free device designed to remodel the skin and/or increase muscle strength. Neem Medical Spa can use this technology to provide two distinct treatment types, Evolve Tite and Evolve Tone, which can be customized to address the specific needs of each of our patients. If there are multiple areas of the body being targeted, the technology also allows for each of these places to be treated simultaneously. Patients in the Greater Boston, MA area can schedule a consultation with Dr. Rosy Sandhu today to discuss their options regarding this nonsurgical treatment.

Ideal Candidates

The Evolve Tite treatment is best for patients who have mild to moderate loose skin. Additionally, many patients want to improve the skin texture of their abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. Patients who have experienced significant weight loss should likely consider surgical options, as this treatment is not meant for severely loose skin. Alternatively, the Evolve Tone treatment should be used by patients who want to contour different muscle groups in the abdomen and buttocks. Both treatments are ideal for anyone hoping to avoid invasive procedures, such as tummy tucks.

Treatment Technique

Evolve Tite utilizes radiofrequency technology to transport thermal energy into the subdermal layers of the skin. This promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin, which not only makes the skin look and feel younger but also gives it a more firm appearance. In only a few treatments, many patients notice folds disappearing, as well as a reduction in sagging skin.

In preparation for an Evolve Tone treatment, several applicators will be strapped to the targeted area(s). Once the treatment begins, these applicators will send an electrical signal into the body to stimulate the muscles. These muscles involuntarily contract, which causes them to break down as they normally would during a workout. However, with Evolve Tone, the contractions can be customized to provide you with the look you want.

What to Expect

In terms of patient recovery time, there is none. You're free to go about your normal day the minute the treatment ends. Some redness or warmth may be noticeable in the targeted area(s) but should fade within 1 – 2 hours after the treatment. Dr. Sandhu will recommend multiple sessions to get the best results, but the exact number will vary on a case-by-case basis.

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Evolve Your Look

From sagging skin to untoned muscle, the InMode Evolve is an incredible way to reshape your body. Treatments are fast, which makes them easy to schedule during a lunch break or even a busy day. Schedule a consultation at Neem Medical Spa today to discuss your options with our friendly and experienced team of professionals.

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