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About PRP for Hair

Hair thinning is a significant concern for both men and women, whether it's brought on by genetics, age, hormones, health conditions, or from years of over styling. With current advances in research within the hair restoration industry, new procedures are being designed to encourage hair growth and renewal. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an advanced nonsurgical technique that may provide you with remarkable results in slowing and regrowing your hair. PRP, which is made from your own blood, has shown promising results with alopecia areata or thinning eyebrows. PRP can be applied during a microneedling and/or injected into the scalp to stimulate hair development and growth.

Exclusively available at Neem Medical Spa is our PDO Grow w/ PRP. This procedure includes injecting about 50 smooth pdo threads to the scalp along with PRP. The results for PDO Grow w/ PRP last about 12-18 months.

Board-certified internal medicine physician Dr. Rosy Sandhu of Neem Medical Spa is one of a small number of hair restoration providers to give this revolutionary treatment in the greater Boston, MA area. By injecting PRP with your own hair growth factors and bioactive proteins, Dr. Sandhu can help strengthen your hair for thicker, healthy locks. Schedule your hair restoration consultation at any one of our three Neem Medical Spa locations in Boston, Lynnfield, or Winchester, MA.

Ideal Candidates

Any man or woman suffering from balding is potentially an excellent candidate for PRP hair therapy, while patients with early hair loss typically yield the most favorable results. PRP is best suited for androgenic alopecia, which is an inherited type of hair loss that most often presents on the top part of the head.

For women, this could appear as a broadening hair part with regular hair density on the backside of the scalp. Those with parts of "poor quality” hair growth of the scalp with normally reacting hair follicles also have the greatest results with PRP hair regrowth therapy.

Treatment Technique

A nonsurgical process, the PRP treatment is a brief one-hour in-office visit. The session starts by drawing a little vial of your blood and putting it in a specialized machine, which circulates the blood at high speed to remove the platelets from the remainder of the blood elements.

We can apply a topical anesthetic to your scalp before administering the prepared PRP. There are two options for introducing the PRP into your scalp. We can perform microneedling an infuse the PRP into your scalp and or inject it under your skin where the hair is thinning. Microneedling on the scalp will cause microtraumas and micro-channels to the epidermis. This enables the PRP to seep deep into the skin. The treatments should continue in future follow-up appointments as directed by Dr. Sandhu.

What to Expect

You may develop some develop discoloration, minor swelling, and mild discomfort to the treated regions. These symptoms might last up to two days. While outcomes differ for every individual, aesthetic results are usually noticed approximately 4 – 6 months after the initial session. Your hair growth may continue to improve for as much as a year following therapy. Follow-up sessions are highly recommended.

It's crucial to remember that PRP doesn't develop new hair follicles where you are already bald. It's utilized to encourage hair growth of the existing hair follicles so they come in fuller, healthier, longer hair fibers.

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Understanding Your Hair Loss

At Neem Medical Spa, we are proud to offer innovative solutions to address hair loss. To hear more about PRP treatment sessions or our exclusive PDO Grow w/ PRP, please contact Dr. Sandhu at Neem Medical Spa to schedule a consultation today any of our Boston, Lynnfield, or Winchester locations.

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