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Today is a great day to start changing your life! At Neem Medical Spa, located in Boston, Lynnfield, or Winchester, MA, we offer several noninvasive weight loss reduction treatments to help you lose weight and love your body. Our board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Rosy Sandhu, works regularly with patients who have "tried every diet" to lose weight only to gain it all back (and sometimes more). Have you experienced multiple weight loss attempts that did not work? Dr. Sandhu is here to help.

When you lose weight, your body goes through numerous physiological and metabolic changes. We invite you to personally experience the difference medically supervised weight loss can make in your approach to your health. At Neem Medical Spa, we can take new avenues in weight loss strategy you may not have tried before. Dr. Sandhu may try several interventions at one time after a medical and lifestyle evaluation, blood hormone panel, and body composition analysis are completed in your consultation. Please call and schedule an appointment.

An In-Depth Medical Evaluation

An in-depth medical evaluation is performed before a customized, physician-directed weight loss program is created for you. Dr. Sandhu will review the following:

  • Your overall health history
  • Your medications and supplements to determine if they are preventing you from losing weight
  • A comprehensive blood panel to check for insulin resistance, thyroid function, and any hormonal imbalances
  • A brief physical exam to check your overall health
  • A body composition analysis

Using this information, Dr. Sandhu will design a weight loss program that will help you shed unhealthy weight. Most importantly, we want to help you keep off the extra pounds in the future.

Tanita Body Composition Scale

Using the TANITA Body Composition Scale in our Neem Medical Spa offices, you can get an excellent snapshot of your health by assessing your lean, water, and fat weight. Just know the number on the scale is not a great indication of good health. Dr. Sandhu will help you measure your body accurately, track your progress, and celebrate your improvements made to your health with our state-of-the-art TANITA Body Composition Scale.

Dr. Sandhu will analyze your body’s composition of water, muscle, and fat to give you an idea of how much weight you need to lose (without sacrificing your muscle). Using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology, we can easily record the following:

Body Mass Index
Using your weight (in pounds) and height (in feet and inches), Dr. Sandhu can calculate your body mass index (BMI). This number can indicate if you are morbidly obese, obese, overweight, or a healthy weight. If you have a high BMI, you are more likely to develop weight-related illnesses.

Basal Metabolic Rate
Knowing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is going to help you set goals by giving you an idea of how many calories you need each day. The BMR basically tells you how many calories you need at rest to function. You do not want to set an unrealistic goal in your daily calorie consumption because it can sabotage all your efforts.

Total Body Water
If you are holding several pounds of water when you come to our office for a weigh-in, the TANITA Body Composition Scale will differentiate the water weight from fat, bone, and muscle.

Body Fat Percentage
What percentage of your weight is fat? Not sure? The number on the scale is not necessarily the whole story of your body composition. Knowing what your fat percentage is can be very helpful in breaking down what you actually need to work on.

Fat-Free Mass or Lean Mass/Weight
Your body is made up of much more than fat and water. We can also measure your fat-free mass or lean mass (like muscle). This is a number you want to increase as your body fat decreases. Why? Building muscle mass will help you look leaner and burn fat at a faster rate.

Bone Mass
The weight of your bones (bone mass) can also make a difference in the interpretation of your weight on the scale.

Fat Mass/Weight
This number will tell you how many pounds of fat you have on your body. We can chart your progress in reducing your fat percentage and fat mass/weight to get it back into a desirable, healthy range.

Visceral Fat
We can give you a visceral fat score to let you know if you are in a healthy or unhealthy range. You carry visceral fat around your organs. For example, if you carry a lot of fat in your abdomen, then chances are you have a high level of visceral fat.

Lifestyle Evaluation

In addition to the TANITA body composition analysis, Dr. Sandhu will also ask you about your level of physical activity, what your diet looks like, why you think you have a problem losing weight, and more. To lose weight, you will need to take a closer look at your habits and daily activities. We want to help you see where you need improvement and make recommendations on how to care better for yourself.


There will also be an assessment of your diet and what it is about your nutrition that is leading to fat storage and unwanted pounds. If you want to lose weight, you will have to take a closer look at your daily food intake and learn what your body really needs for nourishment. At Neem Medical Spa, we want to help you reach your goals with a program that is designed around real food, accountability, supplements, and more. We find that by selecting the food components for your nutrition needs is the key to transforming your body.

What to Expect

We understand that every patient is different and naturally has different needs based on specific lifestyle and habits. For this reason, we offer a variety of treatments that may be combined to create a personalized weight loss plan designed just for you. You can expect our professional medical team at Neem Medical Spa to treat you with compassion as well.

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To learn more about our weight loss consultations, contact Neem Medical Spa to schedule a consultation at any of our Boston, Lynnfield, or Winchester locations. Dr. Sandhu looks forward to addressing the specific factors contributing to your weight gain rather than guessing at weight loss methods. You will find success much easier and faster with Neem Medical Spa's weight loss programs.

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