6 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Keratin

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One of the worst enemies of your hair would be humidity. Frizzy, rough, tangled hair will greet you, be it in the morning or at the end of the day. So, it is no surprise if most people consider getting keratin treatments to tame their hair in constant distress.

Keratin is a type of protein found on your epithelial cells. This protein is responsible for helping your skin, nails, and hair form. Because keratin is the “building block” of the said tissues, people formulated “keratin treatments” to make the said tissues, specifically the hair, healthier.

However, the formula used in “keratin treatments” is not entirely made of keratin. Some treatments even contain formaldehyde to saturate the hair, leaving it straight and smooth before ironing.

But, do not be afraid of the appearance of formaldehyde just yet. Later on, you will know the truth about keratin. Be sure to read each point carefully to have an informed decision on whether you should push through with the treatment or not or if it is the perfect treatment for your needs.

1.The term “keratin treatment” is actually inaccurate.

Keratin treatments do not exactly supply your hair with some keratin to make it smoother and stronger. In fact, the “keratin formulas” vary.

The ingredients that play the most crucial part in these treatments that break the hair bonds are sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate. On the other hand, other substances are also used in this treatment, such as formalin, methylene glycol, methanethiol, and methanol, which release formaldehyde when heated or mixed with water.

After applying a formula made up of a combination of the said ingredients, the hair is then subjected to high heat using a flat iron. This step ensures the acceleration of the cross-linking of hair bonds.

Some treatments, depending on the formula, require a waiting period before you could wash your hair. This waiting period is needed to give time for the cross-linking to occur fully. However, for treatments with a high concentration of formaldehyde, washing the hair immediately is usually allowed.

2.Ventilation is essential when you have a keratin treatment.

In 2008, a report found that formaldehyde on low doses, such as those found in synthetic fabrics, household cleaners, plywood, carpets, smog, and tobacco smoke, can be corrosive. However, the main issue is not about getting in physical contact with such products. It is about inhaling them.

According to the National Cancer Institute, regularly inhaling low doses of formaldehyde causes brain cancers, nasal cancers, and even leukemia. So, if you are getting a keratin treatment with a formula containing formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing products, make sure that you do it in a properly ventilated salon.

3.Formaldehyde-free formulas are available, but they might not be effective in reducing curls.

Keratin treatments that do not contain formaldehyde only coat the hair with a smooth film. But usually, this smoothness is temporary and does not offer much in terms of effects.

To entirely change the hair’s texture, you will need a powerful chemical, which in this case, is formaldehyde. So if the reason why you want to get a keratin treatment is to straighten your curly hair, you will need a formula with lots of formaldehyde. But if you’re going to keep your curls smooth, a formaldehyde-free formula is your best bet.

4.Choose a salon that considers your health, as well as your stylist’s.

To help you choose where to do your treatment, remember that good salon’s house stylists are knowledgeable about the formulas that they are using. So, suppose you ask your stylist the specifics of the formula to be used on you. In that case, they should be able to tell you the brand name of the treatment and the amount of formaldehyde contained in it.

Also, make sure that the salon has adequate ventilation that allows air to circulate away from your nose and mouth. With proper ventilation, you are safer from the fumes that formaldehyde releases.

Expert stylists also recommend using a product such as the Fume Iron, which evenly distributes heat while vacuuming the dangerous fumes away from the client and the stylist.

5.Keratin treatments after every few months may be a healthier option for your hair rather than styling it with heat daily.

If you iron your hair every day, you may consider getting a keratin treatment every few months. Styling your hair with the heat every day is not desirable. And even though you will get 450 degrees of heat during the treatment, it may be worth it because it is only done once, compared with doing it every day.

Also, experienced stylists can vary the temperature depending on your hair. For example, they could reduce the heat when dealing with bleached hair to minimize the damage.

6.Stay away from salts and sulfates if you want to prolong the effects of the keratin treatment.

It is common knowledge that sulfate is not a desirable ingredient in hair products. So, staying away from these may be a common instinct to most of you.

However, if you do not want the effects of the keratin treatment to wash out quickly, make sure that you avoid salty environments such as the beach. In addition, you may minimize your pool dips as the chlorine can affect the treatment’s longevity.

Lastly, make sure that your shampoo is sulfate-free and salt-free.

Final reminder

Keratin treatments do deliver when it comes to effects. But just like all treatments, it comes with a bit of a hefty price, especially if the formulas used are of high quality. Paying more means paying for the stylist’s skills, the facility, and of course, the safe and better formula.

So, remember to think twice if someone offers you a very cheap keratin treatment. For sure, you do not want to end up scoring a bargain but losing your hair after some time.

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