Clear Complexion is a Laser Away!

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Treat the cause, not the symptoms!

Enduring acne during your adolescence can be an inconvenience, it can be even more bothersome in adulthood. Many over-the-counter products may assist in short-term solutions or be used to cover up flare-ups. Getting to the root of the problem will produce long-lasting results while boosting your confidence!


There is no one root cause when it comes to signs of acne on the skin. Several factors such as stress, poor eating habits, or even hormonal changes can affect your skin’s natural biome. Blemishes can range from mild to severe. Our team of medical professionals will walk through your symptoms with a comprehensive skin analysis and assist in establishing a suitable treatment program. 


At Neem Medical Spa, we offer laser treatments to reveal a clear , luminous complexion. Acne laser treatments reduce the skin’s irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars by heating up the deepest layers of the skin to dry out pimples and kill acne-causing bacteria. 


This laser uses controlled heat to kill acne-causing bacteria while also treating redness and scars caused by acne. Used as an effective long-term solution, this laser treats the overactive sebaceous glands that produce too much oil which creates clogged pores.


This treatment gently heats the dermis to target unwanted hyperpigmentation that can be caused by acne scarring. Simultaneously, this laser treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production. 


Our laser acne treatments are gentle enough that they do not remove any skin. No downtime or recovery period is needed. Our patients can begin to experience significant improvements within 2-6 weeks. Patients can expect to see a reduction in pore size and a healthier complexion. 

If you suffer from acne and are looking to reveal your most radiant skin yet, contact us at one of  our convenient locations! 

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