What’s the Difference Between Hair Straightening versus Hair Smoothing

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Any lady wants to have the best hair. Who wouldn’t? Hair is the crowning glory of people. No matter what style or color it may be, you are good as long as it suits you! In usual terms, most women love smooth or straight hair. It looks glossy and pretty easy to maintain than other hairstyles. On the other hand, wavy and hurley hair looks beautiful in every way too. However, if you wish to have one, they need consistent maintenance. Though a solid hair care routine may help you to some extent, things are not always easy. Some would find it hard to prepare and pamper their hair with the best oils and masks.

By all means, a hairstylist recommended hair treatments and therapies to keep well-maintained hair. One of these methods is hair smoothing and hair straightening. Each of these methods helps you in transforming the structure of your hair. And the result? A more manageable hair that gives you a good crowning glory! Thus, while both of these treatments give you sleeker hair, there is quite a difference between the two. The good thing is that you’re here with us! We will provide you with some guides on differentiating hair smoothing and hair straightening!

If you’re confused, this is the best time to discover the reason behind the difference. See more information and dates below this post.

Short Facts

Did you know that hair straightening came long ago before hair smoothing? That’s right! The first hair straightening method all came from African hair. It was a procedure to manage coarse hair and became a huge trend! On the other hand, Hair smoothing started in Brazil in 2003. Moreso, people know it by the name Brazilian Keratin Treatment. For sure, with this term, you may have told yourself, “Oh, yeah. I got a Brazilian Treatment last time!.” Well, pretty sure it is!

Brazilian blowouts have been a trend for many. It’s a good option if you want to relax your hair and get a good treatment after a long time. So, what’s the difference now between the two? Read more here.

Hair Straightening

Let’s first start with hair straightening. Take note that there are two types of hair straightening treatments. These types are temporary and permanent. The quick method is heat styling tools like hot combs or hot irons. With these devices, it will help your hair keep the fibers parallel. As a result, you have straight hair, but all are temporary. After some time, your hair will go back to its natural texture after washing it. Contrary, permanent hair straightening is a method by which the structure of your hair gives you pin-straight hair.

There are chemicals used in the process to break all the bonds in your hair shaft. Then, heat gets applied to help your hair restructure. Your stylist will then add more chemical relaxers breaking the keratin bonds in the wavy or curly hair. All of these factors get done to straighten your hair.

How Does Hair Straightening Work?

So, with the chemicals applied to your hair. How does this work? Usually, this procedure has a mixture of ingredients like lithium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, and more. The high PH of these chemicals helps to open all the cuticle scales and go through your hair fibers. Now, when all these ingredients contact the cortex, they react by breaking the keratin and rearranging the disulfide bridges, stretching it out. This method results in giving you straight hair.

Choosing Hair Straightening

Of all, why should you choose hair straightening? First, it’s because this method works in all hair types. You name it. Whether curly, kinky, or wavy, it can straighten your hair! However, this will still depend on your hair texture. Mostly, the procedure gets done every eight-twelve weeks. The essential thing is that permanent straightening uses thioglycolate or hydroxides that are not good with bleaching your hair. So, if you’re planning to have your hair colored, better postpone that for now.

Hair Smoothing

Hair smoothing is a temporary hair treatment that you can try for your hair. The process includes soaking your hair with a solution then drying it out via flat iron. The ironing method helps to keep your hair in a straight position. Thus, the chemicals put on your hair are not as strong as the ones in the straightening process. Though, keep in mind that hair smoothing helps your hair to have minor damage. Yet, it is not ideal for all hair types.

A Brazilian blowout became popular because the method is very compatible with those people who have bleached hair. With this treatment, you’ll be able to keep your hair in a natural and shiny way. Remember, this process is impossible to acquire with any chemical relaxers, especially hair straightening.

How Do Things Work?

The first thing that happens is that a solution with formaldehyde gets applied to your hair. Then, the water solution breaks the hydrogen bonds of the keratin molecule. From there, it gets dried by a flat iron. The new keratin chemical remains straight because the solution crosslinks the filaments in the best alignment. Results will give you hair that is shinier and straighter than ever!

Choosing Hair Smoothing

It would be best to take note that the effects of hair smoothing will last between two to five months. It would be best for all hairs with a curly or wavy texture. This part is because it does not alter any hair structure as it aligns. This treatment is not that effective for very curly and thick hair.

That’s it! That’s all the tips that we can offer you today. We hope you learn something from this post, and may you decide which treatment soothes best for you! Nonetheless, if you have enough budget, why don’t you go with Hair Straightening for better hair effectiveness? Visit your nearest salon now!

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