Why You (a Woman) Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Your Cosmetic Treatments

There are two types of women who seek elective cosmetic care: the woman who tells everyone about her experience and the woman who keeps her cosmetic enhancements a secret for fear of public scorn.

Unfortunately, many women (men too) feel shame for “having work done” and often go to great lengths to keep their nips and tucks under wrap. Neem Medical Spa is a woman-owned and woman-run business. We want to be part of changing the stigma that seems to follow women after their cosmetic treatments. You should embrace whatever makes you feel beautiful, whether that means visiting a medical spa for some enhancement from time to time, or not.


Confident women are the prettiest women and maintaining your confidence is just another form of self-care. Whether it takes a little CoolSculpting® to flatten your tummy, Botox® to fade the wrinkles or B12 injections to kick-start your weight loss, you should indulge in the procedures and treatments that will keep you smiling and loving your body.


Cosmetic treatments are another form of expression. You schedule a HydraFacial MD® treatment with the same motivation in which you apply mascara every morning, splurge on designer jeans, invest in braces and/or color your hair. You have the right to both define and express your style and if that requires some cosmetic procedure love, then so be it.


For many women, sharing their stories of cosmetic enhancement puts them in a lose-lose situation. Beautiful women are praised for being beautiful, but shamed for seeking help in obtaining that beauty. By owning your beauty – every part from makeup to cosmetic enhancement – you can help change the conversation and eliminate the stigma.

Neem Medical Spa, located in Somerville, Lynnfield and Winchester and serving both men and women throughout the Greater Boston area, offers a variety of weight loss, medical spa, general wellness and hair restoration procedures and treatments.

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